The NANNINI “Holiday on Farm” family business was founded in 1984 by Guido Nannini, who has been its manager up to the present day.

Guido Nannini was born in Tuscany, but then he moved to Brescia where he lived with his family.
As it happens to many people spending holidays in Sicily, he discovered this marvelous and unpolluted territory.

The climate, the nature and the hospitality made him fall in love with these places and with Sicily. This means, after that discovery and for many years Guido Nannini spent his holidays always going back to Sicily again and again.

Not by chance the famous poet and writer, J. Wolfgang Goethe wrote : “Italy without Sicily does not record images in the spirit: Sicily is the key of everything!”
As the writer meant, also Guido Nannini understood that an important future expected Sicily. So, in 1984 he decided to move and settled himself there with his family in a permanent way.

The particular geographic position of the place and its climate allowed Guido Nannini to develop a farming production process of very high quality agricultural goods: this fact combined with a big experience and supported by the available modern technology is certainly the main feature of our products.

That far-seeing decision of Guido Nannini is now shared by many people, that in the meanwhile have realized and discovered the beauty of this region and wish to enjoy its peculiarities during their holidays.

This was the reason why some years ago we started to create and to improve an incoming structure that could allow people looking at this land from far away to relish its culture, its sun, the smells and savours of Sicily, even if only for a short time.