Let us introduce you to our line of products.
We have made our best efforts to grant the best quality for you contained in an exceptional
user-friendly packaging, being sure you will not be disappointed.
On the contrary, reaching the full satisfaction of your demands.
If in a future time you should be interested in seeing directly where there marvelous farming products grow, you’ll be most welcome.


Our Olive trees enjoy a favorable geographical position, are cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers; the olives that grow on them are squeezed following a cold procedure by machines of latest generation. This means that the final product, the extra virgin olive oil they produce, combines a definite and dense taste with a lightness that is out of the ordinary.
Our oil is available for sale in bottles of 25, 50 and 75 dl, which can satisfy demands coming from single people or from restaurant managers



According to traditional procedures known as “ Ciappa ri Pommaroru”, the tomatoes are dried in a natural way, in the sun and without any sort of additives.
Then they are preserved in olive oil and aromas produced in our farm.
The PÂTÉ is made out from the dried tomatoes, that is dressed up and turned to cream to render it a product that can be spread.



Among all the existing vegetables aubergines and courgettes are most suitable for this type of treatment.
We choose them following the sweetest and the most delicate qualities we produce in our farm,
They are then prepared and transformed by ourselves. All the process is fully carried out by hand.



Preserved and seasoned in pickled water, or dried in the oven, our olives are dressed up with added flavours consisting in essences and vegetables from our farm.
The condiments are all very fresh and natural. They intensify and enhance the olive taste, granting savour and aroma.



Citrus Fruits could not miss in our products leaflet, as they are considered as unquestionable and unchallenged symbols of Sicily: it is well known that the citrus fruits of this land concentrate in their juice and flesh the main features connected with the essence of the sun that shines in this territory. .
Sweet or otherwise sour Orange Jams keep and preserve these tastes for a long time, what allows everyone to enjoy a hint of Sicily.